Our extensive experience working with developers, where time is money, makes us different. We’ve learned how to do things smarter to get the most value out of every budget dollar.


We were early leaders in fast-track, team-construct, design/build-GMP and mechanical/ electrical design/build approaches. We’re currently establishing new precedents with Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), a fundamentally different approach to the design and construction process. We’re leveraging smart technologies like Building Information Modeling (BIM) and organizing in smart ways to reduce waste, maximize efficiency through all phases of the project and optimize project results.




Michigan State University Shaw Hall Renovation
Working under a tri-party agreement with the University and the contractor to design MSU’s first IPD project, we are able to deliver more than the original program requested for less than the University’s anticipated budget.


Madison Building Renovation
A design/build strategy with the owner and contractor allowed us to transform the historic Madison Building into one of the most vibrant properties in downtown Detroit in just six months.


Livonia Community Recreation Center
Thinking outside the original project parameters, which called for an adaptive reuse of a portion of an existing building, allowed us to create a completely new building with all the “brand new” dazzle and performance for the same cost as renovating the old one.


Consumers Energy Headquarters
Making small increases in the floor plate size for what was first conceived as a 13 story building allowed us to achieve the total square footage in 12 floors. The reduction in overall buiding height provided exterior material cost savings that allowed the building frame to be constructed entirely out of concrete rather than steel. This allowed us to fit-out the lower floors sooner, maintain the overall schedule, and reduce the cost of the project by approximately $1 million.