Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Jefferson Avenue 2017-06-01T07:41:01-04:00

Project Description



The design challenge was to maximize the density of parking on a prominent, but very narrow urban site.

Sandwiched between the glass and aluminum office building that it serves and a six-story historic brick neighbor, and directly across the street from the Renaissance Center, the structure needed greater presence than typical parking structures. To accommodate 480 vehicles, the design solution is an eight-story structure with a double helix ramp system which requires less turns than other parking structure forms. To keep costs down, the structure is made of pre-cast concrete which allows for a clear span building with no columns intervening between cars.

The curving front facade with punched windows expresses the internal vehicular circulation while providing an interesting counterpoint to neighboring high-rise office blocks. Large exposures of glass in stairwells provide natural light and enhance the perception of security. A vertical shaft of elevators with exposed glass cabs add visual interest. A ninth floor elevator machine room, with exposed color-coded equipment, crowns the shaft with a sloping metal roof.


Honor Award, AIA Michigan
Honor Award, AIA Detroit
Outstanding Achievement Award,ESD