Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Tower Parking Deck 2017-06-01T07:41:01-04:00

Project Description



The best views of the 31,000 square-foot solar energy system are from the Detroit People Mover. Each month, thousands of people can see the system capturing renewable energy from the sun during their ride.

As the final phase of the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan downtown Detroit campus renovations, the original parking structure, built in 1970, was remodeled to both extend its service life and to improve its appearance. Selective demolition of the cast-in-place concrete structure removed aged sections of the floor and cantilevered spandrels. A new system of brick-clad precast concrete panels allows the structure to match the more recent additions. A new glass and aluminum curtain wall at the elevator lobby focuses the design on the newly remodeled pedestrian plaza.

The project incorporates a 31,000 square-foot solar energy system. DTE installed a 200-kilowatt system on the roof of BCBSM’s four-story parking structure. “It’s the largest solar energy system in downtown Detroit,” said Chris Meyer, manager, Facilities and Support Services. “It’s good use of urban space, and adds an attractive look to our campus.”