Box Car Exhibit 2017-06-01T07:40:59-04:00

Project Description



The result was a seamless integration of new space such that new and repeat visitors are not aware that this was not part of the original design.

Months into the project the program was changed to house the exhibit indoors, into a space that was originally an exterior sculpture courtyard. The original exterior high performance glazing was dismantled and re-installed as the new exterior wall. The 1,300 sf had to be constructed to a point including the inlaid rails with precision locations for the boxcar wheels. With no other means of placing the boxcar in the courtyard (now interior), a 110 foot tall crane lifted the boxcar and performed a blind lift up and over the trees and existing building and placed the car on the rails inside. This was a huge media event and many held their breath. The remainder of the enclosures and exhibit was built over and around the newly placed boxcar with views available to visitors through windows in the temporary enclosure during the whole construction.

Access to the exhibit is under a second story bridge and adjacent to a 75 foot high brick enclosure for the elevator, both metaphors for the crematorium and the ghetto bridges used to isolate Jews in Europe.

The space is designed for access for those in wheelchairs and walkers to actually touch and peer inside the boxcar. Mechanical systems were enhanced with ah vortex fan to eliminate stratification while new LED house lighting and exhibit lighting have been incorporated.