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Project Description



2010 Green Project of the Year – CAM Magazine
“Many facilities are designed with sustainable goals in mind, but the Centurion Corporate Headquarters Building, Williamston, is literally outstanding in the field.”

The new headquarters, located on a 37 acre site, derives its iconic image from the surrounding community.  Although the building is a two-story structure composed of bold geometric forms, the design emphasizes horizontal lines.  The use of brick on the first level relates to the downtown buildings.  Corrugated metal on the second level echoes the grain towers found on rural farms.  Exterior sun shades and tall translucent glass windows maximize exterior views, providing a visual tie to the open rural community, as well as providing natural light throughout the space.

In addition to corporate offices, the new facility includes a 3,000 fitness center with exterior fitness trail, a 3,000 sf conference center, a two-story atrium with cafe and water feature, and an outdoor second floor terrace.  The clerestory glass in the main atrium, which runs through the middle of the building, brings natural light into the interior spaces.  A raised floor system allows easy access to mechanical, electrical and data systems, providing maximum flexibility to reconfigure the work environment.  Decorative lighting, hanging elements, warm inviting colors, open working areas, and an iconic display area create a dynamic environment.


Green Project of the Year, CAM Magazine
Edwin F. Guth Memorial Award for Interior Lighting Design, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America