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Project Description



Neumann/Smith has been providing architectural design services for the continuing improvements at Dolphin Mall since 2007.

Neumann/Smith created a stylish new valet drop-off befitting this Miami-area leisure destination with its powerful mix of compelling retail outlets, entertainment venues, and dining options. The sweeping expanse of exposed structural steel and fabric canopy, along with the creation of a new outdoor display area and extensively landscaped parking and entry areas, make a grand entrance. The scope of work included the creation of a new valet drop-off for the mall, the addition of a second level egress stair, valet parking for 101 cars, a four-car display
area, a 5,200 sf custom exposed structural steel and fabric canopy, and extensive landscaping.

Design of the new Guest Services Kiosk complements the Mall’s unique branding. An eye-catching sculptural element in the voluminous space, the kiosk draws people in without obstructing views to the exciting shopping and entertainment venues surrounding it.

The kiosk provides information services, ticket sales/lotto sales, gift cards, sponsorship opportunities, and foreign currency exchange. The scope of work also included an ATM enclosure and seating area, and mall concourse renovations. Neumann/Smith also provided architectural services for new Mall Management Offices in 2012, and recently completed services for a 900 space parking deck expansion and 35,000 sf restaurant expansion wing in 2015.