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Project Description



The newly redesigned GM World space displays the most current GM vehicle models, providing a year-round auto show experience for visitors.

Neumann/Smith and EWI provided architectural and exhibit design services for GM World, a new experiential installation in the atrium of its global headquarters at the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit.

Spanning five stories, the space includes 17 large-scale LED surfaces that are fed by an artificial intelligence-driven Interactive Content Engine (ICE) capable of delivering an infinite array of branded content, resulting in unique experiences in the space every day.

The 60,000 sf of renovated space showcases GM’s heritage and features:

  • Interior updates to the central atrium area to create a more open and inviting gathering and display space.
  • Curated spaces featuring rotating vehicle displays, mixing heritage models, concepts, current products.
  • Interactive experiences combining physical and digital elements.
  • Rebuilt rotating turntables for showcasing specialty vehicles.
  • Enhanced lighting, sound, and show control systems.