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Project Description



Jack Entertainment takes the old and the new with a subtle gaming twist to highlight their brand.

Incorporating a modern office space inside a building built in 1868, Neumann/Smith provided architectural design services for JACK Entertainment’s new headquarters in the Greektown District of downtown Detroit.

The project involves the renovation of a four-story, former school into a five-level commercial space, with the main level reserved for future commercial tenants and the upper levels (including a new fifth level mezzanine) renovated into offices.

In developing the design and construction drawings, BIM played a critical role in helping to create a well-coordinated and detailed set of documents.  Neumann/Smith and its mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) and structural engineers each used Revit in order to create their drawings, which was an immense help to the team in many aspects, such as phasing and overall coordination of design.

The use of BIM made it possible for the team to visualize issues early in the process and address them before they became even greater challenges as the design progressed.  Revit was used in team meetings along with owner meetings to show design progress and to problem solve.