Northern Michigan University Jamrich Hall 2017-06-01T07:40:54-04:00

Project Description



John X. Jamrich Hall is a shining example of emerging active learning classrooms and implementation of technology. We designed a building that provides a purpose for every element inside, setting a precedence for higher learning facilities.

Neumann/Smith was selected to transform Jamrich Hall, the University’s primary general use classroom building, into a high tech, flexible, active learning environment.  After completing the programming/study phase, Neumann/Smith recommended that greater efficiencies would be achieved with a new building than by renovating the existing one.

In addition to being highly flexible and adaptable to changing innovations in teaching pedagogies and information technologies, the new building provides annual operations savings, improve opportunities for faculty-to-student collaboration by locating classrooms adjacent to academic departments, eliminate underutilized classroom space, achieve a campus-wide room utilization goal consistent with national standards, and provide new classrooms with a seating capacity sized to match enrollment.

A pedestrian link connecting Jamrich Hall to the Learning Resources Center will provide improved barrier free accessibility, as well as direct access to technology support services.