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Project Description



The new “Gateway” to campus supports MSU’s mission to be Bolder By Design by enhancing the student living-learning experience and advancing the university’s culture of high performance.

Michigan State University’s new development, 1855 Place, frames the area and act as a gateway to the campus.  With Residential and Hospitality Services (RHS) and MSU Athletics administration finding a new, consolidated home at the site, not only will residents be able to easily secure tickets to the next big game, but the benefits of this new collaborative and efficient workspace will be felt across the university.

Housing includes 429 units in 10 separate apartment buildings comprising 450,000 sf of housing, a 102,000 square foot office building for RHS and various units of Department of Intercollegiate Athletics, event ticketing sales, RHS retail space, a community garden, town homes and plenty of open common green space.  It also incorporates 1,200 surface parking spaces and 880 parking structure spaces.  Combined with the nearby University Village development and land west of the property, it is 39 acres of development.

Options include one bedroom studio apartments, four-bedroom town homes and larger two or four-bedroom apartments, and offer students better access to the resources they need for their studies.

1855 Place offers a flexible concept, designed to provide a customized experience for both single students and student families in an accessible, walkable, urban setting.  New facilities offer a blend of study and community spaces, supporting a new vision for how MSU students live, work and play.