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Project Description



Neumann/Smith accepted the ambitious multi-phased renovation with the goal of creating an energetic workspace that would attract and maintain the highest quality talent.

Our client purchased a 105,000 sf building in a suburban office complex and immediately relocated its 300 employees from all of the firm’s business operations into the newly acquired space. Located in a typical metropolitan suburb where access to any of the local amenities is virtually impossible except by car, the client recognized this as a liability to attracting top talent and made it a priority to create a vibrant space with catered lunches in large kitchens, games, and break areas that would make staying on the premises a preferred option over driving to surrounding venues.

All three floors were occupied so a workplan was in place to move employees accordingly during phases of the renovations. Custom fabrication, high-end finishes and original artwork had to mesh together to create a timeless vision that is completely different from anything else. The designers performed a vast amount of research to find new approaches, artists and inspirations for the space.

Among the owner’s interests is a passion for contemporary art and design. The renovation provided the opportunity to create a space that embodies his stylistic sensibilities by employing many of the most contemporary design ideas while also providing spaces to display artwork from his personal collection.

Open, collaborative work areas and a dedicated call center are mixed with comfortable social spaces. The updated executive suite utilizes a rich palette of materials with distinctive textures and patterns that together create a contemporary space, yet maintains a dignified presence appropriate for its function.

The owner requested many elements of the space be custom made. The ceilings in the workspace areas were carefully designed in 3D featuring white panels in an organic flowing shape. All of the work stations are custom milled.