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Project Description



“Your design excellence and thorough presentation materials overwhelmed the Planning Commission and their consultants.  Such praise is likely rare and yet so well deserved.”

— Oak Pointe Gloria Deus Committee Chairs

Barely visible from the main road, Oak Pointe Church rises on hill at the back of a twenty-seven acre parcel of rolling terrain.   A diverse building skin, dramatic angles and planes, and an engaging tapestry of color and materials create a stunning space that inspires fellowship.

Entering through a low angled metal canopy, the building balloons into a two-story space featuring a baptismal font and fountain.  The cavernous multi-purpose room is a chameleon-like space able to house a basketball game, a volleyball tournament or a Sunday worship service.  The room’s specialty carpeting is actually a playable surface marked by the pattern of a basketball court.  Peeling back small sections of carpet grants access to floor outlets for installation of volleyball nets.  As game day gives way to Sunday, acoustical drapes on curtain tracks cover the brick walls, seating obscures the lines of a basketball court, and the room’s sophisticated sound and lighting system converts the room into a worship space filled with contemporary music and theatrical lighting.  Arcs of soft seating and low counters subtly subdivide the massive gathering space into sections, orientation areas, and quiet places to converse.