Oakland County International Airport 2017-06-01T07:41:01-04:00

Project Description



A prime example of green design used in a public space.

Original plans called for major upgrades to the 40-year-old existing facility to meet operational needs as well as create a landmark that would serve as the County’s “front door” to travelers.  The County also wanted to make the building an example of “Green” building technology.  By developing cost-effective alternatives, methods and materials, the design and construction team was able to replace the majority of the outdated terminal.  The end result is a dramatic new energy-efficient building for approximately the same cost as a fully renovated one.

The main public space is a glass enclosed, light filled lobby. Two one-story wings extend from the main lobby to the east and west to accommodate a new conference center, customs area, a satellite station for local police, administration offices, a large staff workroom and kitchen.

The building incorporates many features that make it a model of energy efficiency including electric car charging stations, a living wall of plants that helps with air purification, landscaping that utilizes rainwater irrigation, a 30,000 sf geothermal field, three types of solar panels on the roof, and three Windspire wind turbines.


Outstanding Achievement Award, Honorable Mention, The Engineering Society of Detroit
Green Project of the Year, Honorable Mention, CAM Magazine