Southfield Town Center Renovations 2017-06-01T07:40:52-04:00

Project Description



In an effort to attract new tenants and compete with the growing desire to move Downtown, Transwestern decided it was time to renovate the 40 year old Southfield Town Center complex.

The overall goal of this project was to provide a sleek and sophistacated environment that differed from the current industrial trend used in many similar renovations. Through the use of large format granite tile, a unique blend of traditional and modern desgin was achieved.  Included with the updates made to the 3000 Tower, such as a new parking lot, improvements to the grand entrance and lobby, and the creation of a new, collaborative workplace, were other amenties added to the office complex comprised of a new coffeeshop, cafes, and an outdoor area for eating, lounging and meeting.

The 3000 Tower renovations were the first of a three-phase plan to renovate the complex, with updates to the 2000 Tower link and atrium to follow. These projects will help achieve Transwestern’s ultimate goal to update the complex and rebrand their overall image.