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Project Description



An engine for economic development to Oakland County, Troy Transit Center connects Detroit, and all of the region’s workers, to opportunity.

The Troy Transit Center replaces an inadequate Amtrak station with an ADA-compliant, safe and secure transportation center in the City of Troy.

The Center strengthens transit options and provides greater mobility options through a centralized facility allowing user access to intercity passenger rail service, regional bus routes, taxi services and the Troy-Oakland Airport.

The project includes a 2,000 sf building with a waiting area and public restrooms.  The facility provides linkages to groundside intermodal facilities via ADA-compliant sidewalks and a pedestrian bridge over the tracks to a new Amtrak platform on the west side of the tracks.  Elevators and stairs provide access to the pedestrian bridge.  The new facility also provides a SMART bus stop area, sized to accommodate up to four full size buses, and a passenger/taxi drop-off and pick-up area.  Parking for all modes of travel is also provided in an upgraded parking area on the Troy side.


Michigan Public Works Association, Project of the Year (Structures $5-$25 million)